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Planning Your Michigan Wedding

September 28th, 2022

One of the joys of getting married in Michigan is being able to have a lovely event any time of the year. With four distinct seasons, a bride can create a wonderful wedding no matter which season is her favorite. Perhaps you love the idea of walking across a courtyard through new-fallen snow or getting married with a blazing sunset over Lake Michigan as your backdrop. The first step is choosing the perfect season, and then researching the weather during the appropriate months.

The Farmer’s Almanac and the Weather Channel are very good places to start. If you want gorgeous fall color for your Michigan wedding, find out which month is the peak season for turning leaves. The peak season varies depending on which part of the state you’re in, but it generally runs from mid September to mid October.

If you’re considering a Lake Michigan wedding with the sand and surf as the focal point, check out the best time of year to take advantage of balmy breezes and warm, sunny skies on over three thousand miles of shoreline. If you’re planning on a spring or summer Michigan wedding, you’re in luck. The temperatures are comfortable for several months without the problem of too-high temperatures you might have to contend with in more southern states.

Take Advantage of Michigan’s Bounty

Michigan has nurtured its own wine region in recent years, and you can take full advantage of the fine wines of Michigan for your wedding reception. These regional favorites are generally less expensive than California or imported wines and have a delicious flavor that will compliment any food you serve. Your guests will appreciate the opportunity to sample some local wine specialties at your Michigan wedding reception.

Michigan also prides itself on a wide range of activities such as boating, skiing and everything in between. Considering hosting a Michigan wedding that features some activities for guests the day before or the day after the main event. Out-of-town guests will love being able to sample some of the country’s best winter sports, relaxing on a sandy beach or playing a few rounds on one of Michigan’s award-winning golf courses.